Road trip!

Back in the 1980’s, working for the then-thriving USA TODAY, I traveled far and frequently, and visited most of the United States on assignment.  I had been to many of the states traveling on my own, but the job at USA TODAY had me checking off many more.  In 1989, I went to Alaska, my 49th state.  The one state I had not visited was South Dakota, and I figured it was just a matter of time before I did.


I worked for USA TODAY for another 26 years, but never made it to South Dakota.  Going to all of the states had not been an obsession of mine, but having been to 49 it just seemed like I should finish the 50.


This Spring our son Frank signed up to go to a one-month study program at Teton Science School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I saw an opportunity to do a road trip with Franky and drive through South Dakota on the way to dropping him off in Wyoming.  So off we went in late May.


In mapping our trip I decided to stop in Indiana the first night and visit Indiana Dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan.  We made it into South Dakota the evening of the second day, then spent the next couple of days driving and hiking around the state.  The last couple of days we saw some of Wyoming’s sights.


What a great time we had!