Fruit of the scanner

For the past few months I have been spending a lot of time sorting through old slides, negatives and prints.  I’ve been scanning my favorites and purging a huge number.  Some of these photographs go back as far as my college days.  In my early adulthood I loved to shoot Kodachrome, and many of these included here were made with that classic film.  Some were made with Ektachrome, some with Fujichrome, some with Tri-X.  All but one are 35mm.  None of these were made on assignment although in some cases they were made while on assigned trips.  So these are all from personal efforts.  Some are vacation snaps.  A few are slides that were damaged by moisture while stored in our basement and have ended up looking like art projects.  And one is intentionally extremely digitally altered.  All of these have been previously shared on social media.  So you could call this an eclectic selection from a random collection.