4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks at Iwo Jima Memorial

On the 4th of July I photographed Washington, D.C.’s fireworks at the Iwo Jima Memorial.  I have shot fireworks from this angle before but not in over 20 years.  This was a rough year for fireworks photography.  Around 5 pm a storm hit and police cleared out the grounds at the Memorial.  I was finally allowed in at 6 pm and set up my tripod in my favored spot.  The rain did not return but low clouds lingered and the air was heavy and damp.  There was very little breeze and smoke from the fireworks built up obscuring the view from my vantage.  But ultimately patience paid off and I made one nice frame.  When I got home I posted on Instagram and Facebook and it was well received by friends and colleagues.  CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR A LARGER VERSION.